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6 Ways a DUI Lawyer Can Help You

Around 37 people in the U.S. die every day due to drunk-driving crashes. It’s one reason drinking and driving is so frowned upon. Getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or any other mind-altering substance is the wrong decision. And that decision can trigger a series of events that change the course of your life and the lives of others. 

But if you ever face DUI charges, you’ll want a criminal defense lawyer to help you obtain the best possible outcome. No driver wants to be pulled over by a police officer. Seeing a police cruiser with roof-mounted emergency lights flashing ever so brightly can ruin anyone’s day.

Here’s a look at six ways a DUI lawyer can help you if you face criminal charges and need a legal expert who knows the ropes to assist.

1. You Need a Pro Who Understands DUI Law

When facing DUI charges, you need legal counsel to help you understand what you're up against. Many don't understand the laws about DUIs, which is one reason they may run afoul of the law.

A criminal defense attorney experienced in helping people fight DUI charges will thoroughly understand DUI laws. That’ll give you the best chance to tackle the situation head-on. Trying to fix the problem independently means you'll be fighting a losing battle.

2. You Need a Pro Who Can Spot Holes in Case Against You

A reputable DUI lawyer will gather the facts. They'll look at the events leading up to and following your arrest, assess the evidence against you, and build a strong case for you. You can rest assured your lawyer will spot any inconsistencies in the prosecutor's case to create reasonable doubt and strengthen your case.

3. You Need a Pro Who Can Lessen Penalties

If convicted of DUI charges, you may face penalties that include jail time, license suspension or cancelation, fines, and other things. But a skilled DUI lawyer can build a case strong enough to lessen penalties if you’re found guilty. That could be the difference between incarceration and heading home after the case ends. 

4. You Need a Pro If You Want Your Case Dismissed

A criminal defense lawyer can help get your case dismissed on the grounds of a lack of evidence or procedural missteps by the authorities who arrested you. You’re at a disadvantage if you don’t hire a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the criminal law process and can assist.

5. You Need a Pro to Save Your Hard-Earned Money and Precious Time

A reputable DUI lawyer will cost you. But fines or losing your job after a guilty conviction will cost you more. After retaining a criminal defense attorney, you can count on the legal professional to resolve the situation as quickly as possible to save you time and money. You'll be able to get back to your life sooner than if you try to handle things yourself.

6. You Need a Pro to Reduce Your Stress Level

Any criminal charges can be a headache. Facing arrest is embarrassing, but learning you’ll be charged with a DUI can be stressful. Hiring a criminal defense attorney means you won’t have to fight the charges independently. The legal professional will build a strong case, answer your questions, and lead the charge to achieve a good legal outcome for you.

There are some good reasons to hire a DUI lawyer when facing DUI charges. Retaining a lawyer is in your best interests with so much at stake -- including your freedom. So, do your research to find the right legal professional to take on your case.

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