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Dog Bite Accident: 4 Tips for Correctly Filing a Personal Injury Claim

It only takes one aggressive dog to attack and cause an injury. When it does, the affected person may have a right to compensation from the dog owner. 

Like other personal injury claims, recovering compensation for a dog bite injury requires following the right approach. This guide highlights tips that can improve your odds of a fair recovery and can be an excellent read.

  • Seek Medical Advice

A dog bite often results in punctured skin and lacerations. In severe cases, the puncturing and laceration may be accompanied by avulsion and crushed bones. 

Also, bacteria from a dog's mouth, even the slightest bite, can result in life-threatening complications. So, the main reason you want to get checked by a doctor is to treat injuries and prevent infections.

Besides preventing infection, seeking medical advice helps collect the medical documentation necessary to prove your injuries are dog bite-related. 

  • Document the Scene

Accident scene evidence can be quite compelling, so gather as much of it as possible. For example, you could take pictures or record video footage after being out of danger. 

When taking pictures and recording videos, you want to ensure that you focus on the dog and the injuries you sustain. If the attack happened in a public area, gather witness accounts and contact information if they are willing to help you in your case.

  • Avoid Speaking and Oversharing Information About Your Case 

The more you talk about your attack, the more chances you have of making contradictory statements. Contradictory statements, when in the wrong hands, can be used to harm your case. So be picky with whom you share information about your injuries. Most importantly, avoid sharing such information with the opposing side; direct all inquiries to your lawyer. 

Secondly, avoid sharing information about your accident or injuries on social media. Social media is the place insurance company lawyers head to first when seeking information about you and your injuries, so you want to ensure they do not -find anything there. 

“Even unrelated posts can harm your case. For example, a picture of a video of you having fun can be used to paint a contradiction between your claims and your reality. So whenever possible, avoid it altogether,” says personal injury lawyer Daniel Libbey of Libbey Law Offices.

  • Understand Alaskan Dog Bite Laws

If you intend to file a claim after a dog bite, it is important to understand Alaskan dog bite laws. One notable point to consider is the one-bite rule. Alaska dog owners are strictly liable for a dog bite if the dog has a history of biting. The same applies where there is evidence that the dog has aggressive tendencies even when they may have not bitten anyone. 

Also, you will want to understand the negligence theory regarding dog bites, the statute of limitations, defenses employed by defendants, etc. This way, you can create a solid case with a better chance of yielding better results.  

Reading a few guides online will not give you an understanding of every dog bite law and how it works. It would be best if you had someone with a deep understanding of these laws on your side, and this is where a dog bite lawyer comes in. When picking one, you will want to focus on two main areas: their experience and geographical area of practice. 

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