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How To Deal With A Car Wreck Trauma With No Injuries?

In some cases, a car accident may not cause any physical injury, but it can result in massive trauma and psychological shock. You can file a legal suit to claim compensation in such a situation. 

You can get much help from the Provo personal injury lawyers in dealing with a car accident causing you no harm physically but inflicting mental shock. Experienced lawyers with relevant specialization can facilitate your insurance claim. 

Fighting a car wreck case is not easy, especially if it didn’t cause you any physical harm. But you have suffered trauma due to the accident, and it can linger on for some time. 

Getting away from such trauma or psychological shock is not easy. You are entitled to an insurance claim to compensate for this mental trauma.

You can deal with a car accident trauma with no physical injury in the following five ways:

Prove Your Trauma

Hire an experienced lawyer who can legally establish that you suffered mental trauma after the accident. The accident may not have harmed you physically, but the shock of having witnessed the death of another person created terrible flutters in your mind. 

Show You Are Still In Shock

An expert lawyer can legally establish that you are still in shock or may be subjected to prolonged stress disorder after the devastating event.

Such mental stress may impede your professional excellence leading to a reduction in income. This can be compensated by the insurance company in monetary terms if your lawyer can prove it. 

Prove Your Innocence

Your attorney can effectively argue how the accident happened without your fault and how it affected you psychologically. The lawyer should be experienced in explaining all the emotional angles in the case. 

The insurance company’s lawyer may always try to underplay this emotional wreck factor but your lawyer can strengthen the case with his counterarguments. Your lawyer can prove that the flashback of the accident scene created occasional flutters in your mind reducing your capabilities. 

Confirm Your Income Loss Due to Trauma

The insurance company is duty-bound to make up for your income loss caused due to car accident. In the case of trauma suffered on witnessing an accident, the insurance lawyers always try to underplay the whole thing to avoid paying compensation. 

Hire a lawyer who can prove that you could not run your business or join your duty in your workplace because of the trauma suffered by you. 

In all these cases, you have suffered income loss for several days. Your lawyer can prove this with a claim for making up this financial loss. In the case of mental trauma, your lawyer should have the mastery to prove you suffered more injury psychologically, and that you need suitable compensation.

In Conclusion 

Dealing with a car wreck trauma with no injuries is quite a difficult legal issue. The success of such a case completely depends upon your lawyer. If they argue well bringing relevant statutes and citing necessary emotional angles, you can win the case. 

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