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Las Vegas Fatal Accident: Finding a Reliable Attorney

Dealing with the loss of a dear one following a fatal accident in Las Vegas is not easy. You may have a thousand questions on your mind, especially if the accident happened because of the other driver’s fault. Nevada is a fault state for car accidents, and therefore, the party responsible for the crash is liable for losses suffered by others. Before you decide to take legal action, consider consulting one of Las Vegas fatal accident lawyers. In this post, we are sharing key details about lawyering up for such lawsuits.

Start early

As far as wrongful death lawsuits are concerned, the statute of limitations in Nevada has set a deadline of two years. Don’t be under the impression that you have considerable time. If you don’t act right away, you will lose evidence and information. The deadline starts from the date of your loved one’s death, which could be a later date than when the accident happened. Keep all medical records safe, get a copy of the police report, and identify all parties involved in the crash.

Choose the right lawyer

Not all personal injury lawyers take up matters involving fatal accidents, and therefore, experience is a pivotal aspect to consider. Ask the attorney if they have worked on such cases in their practice and the maximum settlements they have won so far. Also, if you are having a hard time finding lawyers, Google can help. You can also find local listings of attorneys on websites like Nolo and Avvo.

Ask about trial experience

Most lawsuits concerning fatal accidents are settled through negotiations, which means that lawyers typically don’t need to go to trial. However, your case could be an exception, and it is best to engage an attorney who has credible trial experience. Don’t shy away from asking about their top cases or clients. You can always ask for references or can even check for reviews posted by other clients online.

Know the attorney’s fee

For fatal accident lawsuits, lawyers don’t charge an immediate fee or an hourly rate. Instead, they take a share of the settlement, which is payable when you win. It is still necessary to know the expected expenses outside of the fee and what the lawyer will charge, which is a percentage of the settlement. You should also ask whether the lawyer can help find experts, when needed, to testify for the matter.

Call an attorney right away to know your rights.  

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