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Nebraska Workers’ Compensation: How to Benefit from the System

An on-the-job injury can dramatically affect a victim’s life. If you are a victim, you may not be able to earn a living and undergo painful and long medical treatment. Thankfully, the law requires businesses in Nebraska to carry workers’ compensation insurance that provides benefits to injured employees. But you can benefit from this program if you have sustained work-related injuries. 

Sometimes, insurers give benefit packages that may not be enough for your injuries and expenses. In fact, they may deny your workers’ compensation claim outright. Workers’ Compensation lawyers in Nebraska can fight back for you against the insurer to get the compensation you need. 

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Basics

All Nebraska employers must get a workers’ compensation insurance policy, which protects employees when they suffer injuries at work. The injury can result from a catastrophic event like a construction accident or because of repeated stress like carpal tunnel syndrome or joint pain. Likewise, your area of employment and category are not relevant. All employees, except domestic servants, railroad workers, and some agricultural workers are covered. 

To file a claim, you need to report the injury to the supervisor and go to a doctor to get medical treatment. You may pick this doctor if you already see them in your daily life. Otherwise, your employer will pick the doctor who will treat you. The doctor will determine your ability to go to work after evaluating your injury. The insurer will provide payments based on this determination. 

Compensation Categories

Workers’ comp payments can offer restitution if your ability to work needs to be reduced permanently or if you suffer a temporary disability. You can get insurance benefits if your injury is expected to heal over time. This payment is 2/3 of your average wage per week for as long as your treating physician determines you can’t return to work. 

Sometimes, you may not be able to go to work permanently. This can happen when you suffered a loss of a limb, deafness, blindness, and paralysis. You will get payments for these injuries based on the particular injury you sustained. If your injury leads to total, permanent disability, you get payment of 2/3 of your average weekly wage for 300 weeks. 

What Happens if Your Claim is Disputed

Disputes in workers’ comp cases often have to do with the extent of the worker’s injury. You may suffer from an injury that is serious enough to keep you from returning to work; however, the insurer may argue that you may still go to work in a limited capacity. Also, disagreements arise over whether or not the injury was work-related. Regardless of how a disagreement occurs, you can file a lawsuit with the workers’ comp court in Nebraska. You have two years from the date of your injury to do so. 

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