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Liability for Uber and Lyft Car Accidents in Los Angeles

With the rise of technology, cab-share services are becoming more popular with each passing day. And while the popularity can not be questioned, cab-share car accidents are also getting more and more popular. In case you were roped into an Uber or Lyft accident and sustained severe injuries, you can get in touch with a personal injury lawyer to file a claim and get the compensation that you rightfully deserve considering your damages. In this blog, we will cover how you can establish the liability of the other party for the accident in court. 

Uber and Lyft accidents:

In general, while all car accidents may seem similar, they aren’t really. Uber and Lyft car accidents are very different from general car accidents. Also, it’s important to remember that these cab services usually employ a driver with their personal vehicle rather than a fleet of vehicles that are maintained by the firm. On top of that, these cab-sharing services do not offer their drivers health insurance, private accident insurance, or any other type of employment benefit.

Since ridesharing is becoming legally permitted throughout the state, one can only expect that these car accidents are going to increase over time. Moreover, while Uber and Lyft are enticing alternatives to traditional cabs in LA, some have expressed safety concerns due to their shoddy hiring practices. Because of this reason, it might be a little challenging to understand more about your rights as an injured passenger following an Uber or Lyft accident without the help of an attorney. Things may seem more daunting since ridesharing regulations are almost always changing. 

Who is liable?

If you were injured in an accident and were a ridesharing passenger, under no circumstances you can be held accountable for the accident. And since comparative negligence will not apply in this event, it could be beneficial for you. So, in general, the driver of the car, the ridesharing company, or the insurance company can be held liable for the accident. 

Final thoughts:

When you hire a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to represent your case, they will usually file a lawsuit against each of these parties in order to uphold their legal responsibilities and improve the possibility of financial recovery in the case. No matter how much of a part you played in the disaster, talk to a lawyer about your legal alternatives.

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